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Cropped Windbreaker

Debuting at PAX East


Debuting at PAX East


Debuting at PAX East

Tote Bag

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Incognito Tech Flap Pack

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360 Travel Tumblr

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2022 Impact

These are just a few of the things your donations have funded

  • Gaming Systems

    6,624 PlayStation, XBOX, Oculus, and Nintendo Switch games were sent to hospitals in 2022 providing countless hours of fun.

  • Network Hospitals

    183 Network hospitals each received a PlayStation VR Bundle including a console, VR gear, and games to get them started. This platform + VR is perfect for a teen lounge.

  • Game Carts

    38 Game carts hit hospital floors in 2022. Portable gaming carts are built to endure the rough treatment of a hospital environment with medical-grade components.

  • Draw Alive

    Child's Play funded 3 Draw Alive systems in 2022. Draw Alive is an interactive solution in which children can watch their drawings come to life.